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List Description
2010-bluezone-upgrade BlueZone Upgrade
Adoption-Workers [no description available]
Amem [no description available]
Apprenticeship-dli-rm Apprenticeship rulemaking information
Apprenticeship-interested-parties [no description available]
Area-agencies-aging [no description available]
Armer-sys-admin ARMER System Administration
Armer-sys-notify ARMER System Outage Notifications
Asd-list-serv Autism Spectrum Disorder Updates
Assistive-tech [no description available]
Bce-survey BCE Survey
Blind-visually-impaired [no description available]
Boilerboats-dli-rm Boiler/Boats-for-Hire rulemaking information
Braillist-and-tactile-graphic-producers [no description available]
Byways Minnesota Scenic Byways Program
Calco-l Capital Area Library Consortium
Calling-card-customers Calling Card Customers
Carvercrisisdispatch [no description available]
Ccld-review CCLD Review - Construction Codes and Licensing Division Newsletter
Ccm-ipth OET CCM-IPT User Group
Central-ems-region [no description available]
Changes MNIT Services Change Notification
Childfostercare [no description available]
Crisis-response-services Minnesota Mental Health Crisis Response Services
Critical-1 OET Customer Critical 1 Notifications
Critical-1-test [no description available]
Cs-invoice Computing Service Monthly Invoice
Currlistowners Current OET List Owner
DB101 Disability Benefits 101
DCD MN Statewide DCD Collaborative
Deaf-hard-of-hearing [no description available]
DHS-CSED Child Support Enforcement
Dli-edi-trading-partners Workers' Compensation EDI Trading Partners
Dli-wcadjustorinfo Workers' Compensation Insurer Adjuster Information
Dli-wcmedproviders Workers' Compensation Medical Providers
Dli-wcrehab Minnesota Workers' Compensation Rehabilitation
Doli-notifications Minnesota Prevailing Wage - Department of Labor and Industry
DSD-county-e-list DSD lead agency eList
DSD-stakeholder DSD stakeholder eList
e-fax-changes [no description available]
ecotox ecotoxicology
Edms-admins List of EDMS agency Adminstrators ONLY
Edms-customers Select OET customers using EDMS
Electrical-dli-rm Electrical rulemaking information
Ems-communications Emergency Managers
Enterprise-clearance-colocation-customers Enterprise Data Center Clearance List
Envschool [no description available]
Ereports-admins List of eReport agency Administrators ONLY
Ereports-customers Select OET Customers using eReports
Fire-marshals MN State Fire Marshal Division
Firecode-dli-rm Firecode rulemaking information
Grants-and-Subsidies Grants and Subsides - Potential Grantees
Hpp-dli-rm High Pressure Piping rulemaking information
Ic-dli-rm Independent Contractor rulemaking information
Ipad-listserv [no description available]
Laborstdsprevwage-dli-rm Labor Standards/Prevailing-Wage rulemaking information
LDAuthorizationCodes LD Authorization Codes
Ldrps-customers LDRPS Customer
Linkage-line [no description available]
mail-changes [no description available]
Managers-conference [no description available]
Mawqcp-info MAWQCP-INFO
Mcea-acct [no description available]
Mda-dealer MDA Dealer Information
Mda-pesticide MDA Pesticide Information
mda-pesticide-non-point-source [no description available]
Mda-pollinators [no description available]
Mda-Update PFMD MDA Update
Mdm-billing MDM Accounts Payable
Medical-Alert Medical Alerts Email List Service
Medicare-choices [no description available]
Medicare-d-info [no description available]
Misac Minn-Invasive-Species-Adv
Mmcap-correctional-healthcare-forum MMCAP Correctional Healthcare Forum
Mmcap-pharmacy-forum MMCAP Pharmacy Forum
Mmcap-procurement-forum MMCAP Procurement Forum
Mn-armer [no description available]
Mn-continuity-coordinators State Agency Continuity Coordinators
MN-GRIN Minnesota Government Records and Information Network
Mn-ipaws [no description available]
MN-LESO [no description available]
Mn_eFile_Support_Announcement [no description available]
Mn_Judicial_Branch [no description available]
Mngeoit [no description available]
MNIT-Services-8-1--Communication RoD 8.1 Communications
Mnit_sciformausers #MNIT_SciformaUsers
Mnjisnewsletter [no description available]
Mnlabsystem Mnlabsystem
MNsure-PC MNsure participants.
MNsure-PM MNsure participants.
New-users-test Test
News.ohe Higher Education News Alert
OAH-wc OAH WC Attys
Oet-email-admins [no description available]
Oet-incident-and-request-customers List Serv for new BMC upgrade
Oet-service-interruption-notification Interruption Notifications
Ohdnetwork [no description available]
Osha-dli-rm Minnesota OSHA rulemaking information
Osha-safetylines Labor and Industry OSHA-Safetylines
OT-PT-Practitioner MN Statewide School-Based OT/PT Network
Outstate-email-admin Out-State Email Administrators
PBIS [no description available]
Plumbing-dli-rm Plumbing rulemaking information
Pointsec OET-Pointsec
recovery-contacts Backup Contacts
Researchreporter Department of Labor; Industry Research; Statistics
Rod-non-sso [no description available]
Rod-sso-incident-submitters-2012 [no description available]
Sas-contacts SAS Users Contact List
Sbc-dli-rm State Building Code (other than electrical and plumbing) rulemaking information
Snap [no description available]
Sr-rrb Sr-rrb list serve
STARpoint MN Assistive Technology Mailing list
State-managers [no description available]
Statewide-phd-list-serv Statewide P/HD List Serve
Sungard-rug SunGard Regional User Group
Sw-rrb SW Regional Radio Board
Swcd_main_contacts [no description available]
Telecommunication-cisco-nos [no description available]
Training-coordinators MAD Training Coordinators List
Udl-cadre [no description available]
video-changes OET Video Notification
voice-changes OET Voice Notification
Voice-invoices Monthly Voice Invoices
voice-ip-changes OET Voice-IP Notification
Voice-Line-Customer Voice-Line-Customer
Voip-infrastructure-upgrade-2014 VoIP Infrastructure Upgrade 2014
Wan-invoices [no description available]
Wc-compact Labor and Industry WC-Compact
Webmasters Minnesota State Webmasters List
Workcomp-dli-rm Workers' Compensation rulemaking information
Wtakeyusersgroup [no description available]

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